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In a world where people are bombarded with adverts and brands constantly on social feeds and videos. It’s becoming harder and harder for business owners to stand out from the crowd.

Underestimating your audience can lead to stale, thoughtless branding and marketing that leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

We understand the power of attention, and along with it professional branding and marketing, let’s work together towards an engaged and inspired audience… 

Creative and Engaging Branding & Marketing

We work with businesses across the UK, constantly developing innovative branding and marketing campaigns...

Creative and Engaging Branding & Marketing

We work with businesses across the UK, constantly developing innovative branding and marketing campaigns...

Jay's Inks

Branding & Marketing: Web Design, Logo Design, E commerce, Copy-writing, Video Production, Social Media.

Jay came to us looking to sell his artwork online, he’s an award winning tattoo artist, and was soon moving from his Lincoln High Street based studio into his home studio. We’ve been working with Jay on a complete Branding and Marketing overhaul for the launch of his, studio – beggining with his website branding…

Margaret's Tea Rooms

Branding & Marketing: Web Design, E commerce, Copy-writing, Video Production, Social Media.

Des came to me looking for a new website to showcase the leaps and strides his Tea Rooms has taken in the past few years. The tea rooms was dedicated to his mother and also sold custom blend loose leaf teas, I approached him about selling his tea online, there’s fantastic stories behind every one…

National Roof Box Hire

Branding & Marketing: Web Design, Video Production, Social Media.

Mike was looking for a way to get the news out about his Roof Box Hire franchise, we first worked on defining the brand with him to develop a website that could be used as a template for all UK based roof box hire locations, after the branding was set we developed the marketing of his franchising oppertunity…

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Finding your Voice

You need to be heard by your audience and potential customers, but your probably not yet well equipped to do so.

Finding your voice involves a lot of introspection and analysis of your target audience. Who would want this product/service? Why would they buy your product/service? If I we’re a customer what would hold my attention?

Knowing on a deep level what your selling and to who will allow you to begin analysing how you would engage with your audience – be loud but subtle.

Developing your Visual Brand

Once you’ve understood your audience and what your selling, the visual branding becomes very easy – we’ve done the prep work and have all the information needed.

We will develop your visual brand consistently across all platforms: website, eCommerce, socials, physical, email etc.

It’s important to develop your brand strong visual design – this makes your content eye catching, professional and most importantly memorable.

Connecting with your Audience

Having developed your voice and visual brand your now ready to start a dialog with your audience.

This is the content production stage – developing content to keep attention and eyeballs on your product and service.

Posting content to social networks allows you to both develop your voice in your respective industry and also build respect and attention for your product or service.

We then tie in all your content with your unique and engaging visual branding to really knock the ball out of the park.

Data Tracking & Refinement

The final stage is refining your branding and marketing.

Keeping on top of your social media channels and constantly developing better and refining old marketing techniques.

We will work with you on polishing your branding and marketing and working it into shape. Making it as effective and automated as possible using our ever developing knowledge and constant testing of new marketing techniques, developed from ongoing and previous clients.

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