10 Brand Storytelling Blogs You Need to Be Following in 2019

Brand storytelling is a bit of a buzzword, or a pairing of two buzzwords – but I believe it has merit.

Although the concepts behind this mega buzzword might not necessarily be new – being built on the backs of giants i.e. contemporary creative marketing and branding – the perspective it gives is really what makes it special.

The inception of brand storytelling has merit because general branding because in the words of Gary Vee “Marketers ruin everything”. Which is to say the general public has grown savvy to when they’re being sold to.

“Marketers Ruin Everything”

-Gary Vee.

People are smart, but marketers are smarter, the thing that separates brand storytelling from traditional branding and marketing is one thing and one thing only… emotion.

Specifically story driven emotional investment. For example we’ve grown savvy to when we’re being sold something on an ad between a YouTube binge, but watching Americans got Talent we’ll fall for the same sob story every time. The young girl who’s family member just passed or the single mum who just wants to make her kids proud.

These stories catch us, and the product placement, the dunkin’ donuts, the coca cola, slide by unnoticed by our smart logical brains – because we’re in an emotional state, and we’re much more vulnerable and susceptible to subliminal marketing in this state.

That was more cynical than I intended – but it shows you that there is a place for brand storytelling, or storytelling in marketing in general. And that, as a business owner, marketer or consultant, you should be spending time learning from these next 10 brand storytelling bloggers.

It’s not all figured out yet – which is the fun part – so get reading some of these recommended articles and get ahead of the crowd on brand storytelling. Without further ado, in no particular order 10 Brand Storytelling Blogs You Need to Be Following in 2019…

1. Park Howell – Business of Story

 10 Brand Storytelling Blogs You Need to Be Following in 2019

Park Howell is perhaps the most applicable name to this list – Park is a veteran and thought leader in the Digital Storytelling and marketing space. He’s a Business Story Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Marketing Consultant and Podcaster.

So this isn’t just a hey go read this blog it’s also a hey go listen to this podcast too.

His blog BusinessofStory.com is the ultimate resource online for brand storytelling – hands down. Started in 2015 – there’s 100’s of articles which contain both practical case studies and practical application.

Park Howell has been building his knowledge and understanding of Storytelling in Business for a long time – and there’s no better article to prove his knowledge than A Simple 10-step Brand Storytelling System to Clarify Your Business Story.

This is a comprehensive applicable guide to developing your own brand story based of tried and tested storytelling techniques, which he’s branded as The Story Cycle System.

As a self professed ‘story nerd’ this is article holds a lot of value to me and I’m sure anyone interested in growing their own business and developing an effective brand story around it.

The in-depth guide follows the format of Josephs Campbell’s – the father of storytelling analysis – ‘The Heroes Journey‘ structure, which has been used to great effect in almost all TV shows, movies and advertisements since the inception of it – so you know that he’s building off of a tried and true system!

I’m a big fan of Park Howell and if your interested in brand development and brand storytelling then you should be too!

Check out his Brand Storytelling guide here…

2. Jason Miller – LinkedIn Sales & Marketing Solutions Blog

 10 Brand Storytelling Blogs You Need to Be Following in 2019

Jason Miller is a Content Marketer that’s been content marketing from the beginning it seems! He’s currently been at Linked In for 5 years. He’s a huge player in the space, with his practical advice and marketer interviews – he’s got some important advice that anyone can take and learn from.

I envy him when he says he never had to sell content marketing! As he mentions in his podcast with Claire Austin, called the Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast. It gives you an insight into how valued he is in his industry.

His Blog posts for Linked In are really in depth and practical in nature. If you want to learn about high end content marketing with a budget he’s your guy. It’s all about A/B testing and paid ads – so fascinating insight if your working with a smaller budget and don’t have the captial to A/B test as much as he does.

Check out his B2B video strategy for some great insight into video production. And check out his practical advice on things like committing to specific practices with his blog post Don’t let ‘best practice’ take over your brand. He’s a real thought leader in his industry and a must follow for any budding brand storyteller!

3. Jeff Bullas – JeffBullas.Com

 10 Brand Storytelling Blogs You Need to Be Following in 2019
Reach for the stars with Jeff Bullas…

Jeff is a man to watch! Forbes calls him a top influencer of Chief Marketing Officers and the world’s top social marketing talent. Entrepreneur lists him among 50 online marketing influencers to watch…

“…I started a passion project with a $10 investment…
Now we have millions of visitors a year to our site, and a tribe of over 600,000 social media followers… “

– Jeff Bullas

You can see from this excerpt from his bio page, he’s learnt how to tell a good story over his numerous blog posts.

 10 Brand Storytelling Blogs You Need to Be Following in 2019

Learning to tell your own story and become a thought leader in your own field is very important as he states in his free e-book 8 Key Steps to Blogging Mastery

(This is not a sponsor I just really liked the book!)

Jeff now talks on a number of digital marketing topics, specifically SMM (Social Media Marketing) and Content Marketing.

I especially liked his blog post on the correlation between storytelling in content marketing and it’s power to make posts go viral – it’s that kind of perspective that leads to greater understanding of the potential of storytelling in content marketing.

A great read and a great blog, check it out….

4. Loomly Blog – Loomly

Loomly is a brand and content management software, but also a blog on content marketing and branding.

It’s actually one of the best resources on this list thanks to their incredibly thorough, engaging and well written articles.

Like the one I found them through – Brand Storytelling – How to tell a Powerful Brand Story where they list a bunch of case studies as well as teaching how to tell your own brand story.

They’re uniquely positioned as a content marketing software which also has a content marketing blog which means if their blog content isn’t up to snuff then they miss out on potential clients – Media, Market, Message in action!

A fantastic blog! You’ll find yourself pouring hours into reading about content marketing if you don’t catch yourself.

5. Jenny Mudarri – JennyMudarri.com

 10 Brand Storytelling Blogs You Need to Be Following in 2019

Jenny Mudarri is the Associate Director of Content Marketing at Wistia, she produces a hell of a lot of content on everything from video trends to the importance of A/B Testing.

Her website holds a carefully curated list of articles she’s written for Wista and further afield. She has a very creative approach to both writing and problem solving – which really resonates with me personally – as digital marketing can do with a strong creative voice in the field.

She has a lot of content to work with at Wistia so the blog posts and insight she has is very deep and engaging. You can learn a lot from this lady!

Jenny also produces Writing, Illustrations and Music, so check them out too!

6. Shlomi Ron – Visual Storytelling Institute

 10 Brand Storytelling Blogs You Need to Be Following in 2019

Shlomi Ron is the CEO and founder of the Visual Storytelling Institute for over three years.

The Visual Storytelling Institute is a blog that covers all aspects of storytelling and marketing.

Shlomi not only has written numerous articles on the topic of storytelling – he’s also written a book! Total Acuity: Tales with Marketing Morals To Help You Create Richer, Visual Brand Stories

His blog is a great resource and an enjoyable read, check it out…

7. Mabbly – Mabbly Magazine

Mabbly is a digital marketing agency, who have just the best articles of digital marketing.

I really enjoyed Maddy Osman’s post on How Customer Personas Have Evolved in the Age of Digital.

It shows they really understand the nuances of where digital marketing is at and where it’s heading. It reminded me of Seth Godin’s book: This is Marketing – in which he talks about psychographics – which is essentially what this article is about!

I think more digital marketing agencies should follow suit, not only for my own good, but for the benefit of flaunting your expertise and being confident your customers will still come to you even after you’ve given them the information to act on – because understanding something and having done it yourself are two different things!

That was a little bit of a tangent – but it’s a great blog and worth a bookmarking for sure! I have.

8. Groove – Groove Blog

Groove is a Support Software for business developed for practical applicable reasons with over 8,000 customers worldwide.

The Team is entirely remote and also have a fantastic blog! Make sure to click over to their content marketing category as there blog covers a range of topics from customer support to remote work.

The fun part of Groove’s articles is how practical their articles are. For Example their article The 6-Step Marketing Strategy We Used to Make $120,679 Selling an Online Course is exactly what it says on the tin – and there’s a lot of articles like this relating to growing interest in your brand or product through the use of content marketing and subsequently digital storytelling and marketing.

Great blog – full of content! Check it out.

9. Alex Limberg – Ride the Pen

 10 Brand Storytelling Blogs You Need to Be Following in 2019

Alex is a blogger – Ride the Pen – who teaches you to write stories. I found his work through a guest article for SmartBlogger.com, where he wrote about winning hearts and minds through storytelling from the perspective of a Blogger.

Which is a much less cynical way of describing storytelling than my earlier attempt.

I like Alex’s writing because it’s clear to me he’s a big storytelling nerd. As a fellow big storytelling nerd I think I have the right to say that. He’s romantic about the subject matter in the same way I am. Because story is an ancient, inherent deep part of our psychology and our nature.

It’s what separates us from any other animal – the ability to learn from each other through story!

I’d recommend you read Alex’s blog because I want you to be as passionate about storytelling as this guy. If your using it as a tool for sales or a tool for creativity it’s just as important for both.

I particularly enjoyed his perspective of ending a story as a novelist because it reminded me of 1914, Sainsbury’s Christmas advert that I wrote a blog post on not too long ago.

His recounting of The Unbearable Lightness of Being for example is a fascinating insight that could potentially inspire something in your own brand storytelling or branding.

The best way out of a rut in any field is to switch up your perspective on your subject matter and previewing your brand storytelling from a novelists perspective could just pull you out of your marketing perspective funk!

10. The Event Psychologist – TheEventPsychologist.com

This is an interesting one, The blog is about practical real life tips from experimental marketing. The unnamed author, writes specifically about events and the psychology behind them, citing social science based evidence.

A great example of this is the author article of the psychology of storytelling. It’s a super concise and well written account of subjects like story, character and plot.

Unfortunately this blog may be discontinued but it’s archive is worth an exploration for sure, as the perspective of a psychologist for marketing on story is a pretty interesting set of qualifiers.

And there we have it! Another comprehensive long list complete!..

There truly is a plethora of information out there on storytelling, this list probably only scratches the surface! If your interested in storytelling why not try our number 11. spot? Bespoken.co/blog

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Comment below which is your favourite storytelling resource for branding and marketing! Follow me on my social links below!!

Written by Adam Smith

 10 Brand Storytelling Blogs You Need to Be Following in 2019I’m a designer and storyteller.

This blog is a place for me to document my experiments combining three key fields: Design, Storytelling and Digital Marketing.

I hope I can also inspire and guide you towards towards your own Digital Storytelling goals and successes.

 10 Brand Storytelling Blogs You Need to Be Following in 2019


  • Storytelling is also a skill that will never be outdated and will still work 100 years from now, when we enter the internet through chips in our heads, or whatever…

    Thanks for featuring me, and congrats on your fine blog!

    • Many thanks Alex, no problem – I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog!


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