Manchester based branding marketing agency.

Founded by Adam Smith in 2019, Bespoken works with B2B lead generation, specifically in franchising in the UK.

It’s simple. We generate warm leads for your sales team. And we’re very good at it.

Adam Smith

CEO, Director.

I started building a portfolio for Bespoken in early 2019 when I began working with Mike Smith, franchise consultant at Lime Licensing Group and his franchisor clients.

Within the past year I generated the leads for dozens of franchise sales, made our clients £100,000s, launched 5 franchise offerings and developed a strong and versatile profile and skillset to allow me to generate leads across a variety of sectors.

Victoria Smith

Marketing Assistant.

Victoria (not related) came on board mid way through the year to help with the mounting client base and work load.

She’s had great experience working for various Museums and Art Galleries across the Manchester area as a photographer and content producer.

Victoria quickly became an essential part of the team and will soon be project managing a number of our clients properties and offers as her skill-set grows.